Australia’s Must See Swimming Holes & Waterfalls

Australia is a country known for its stunning natural water-features; from beaches to waterfalls and even volcanic sinkholes, there is no shortage of amazing destinations to visit in our expansive country. For those with an adventurous spirit and a 4WD at the ready, we have compiled a list of Australia’s best swimming holes and waterfalls […]

The 4×4 Centre

Land Raxx founder Damo recently chatted to Beau Brannan, of The 4×4 Centre in Newcastle. The 4×4 centre is one of Land Raxx’s premium fitters. Having worked on cars from an early age, Beau is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to 4WD modifications, and a great bloke to deal with through the process. […]

Safety Guide to Beach Driving

Preparing your vehicle: Salt and sand can cause damage to your vehicle if not properly removed. There are preventative measures you can take however. If you want to know more about driving through salt water, and why we advise you don’t, click here. For driving on sand however, you can prepare your vehicle with a […]

4WD Tyre Pressure Basics

  Why does tyre pressure matter? Consider your tyres as if they are balloons. A fully inflated balloon is easy to pop with a toothpick, a partly inflated balloon is not. The same applies for your tyres with sharp objects when off-road. Removing just a little air from your tyres adjusts the pressure which helps […]